The fundamental objective of ES FANGAR is to follow a sustainable cultivation and produce biologically first-class quality.
By now, the once blurry visions can be realistically measured according to international awards and expertise for ES FANGAR products.


Historical books give hints of the agricultural tradition in ES FANGAR. Once, olive trees, carob trees and almond trees constituted the livelihood of the island population. Today, ES FANGAR is the producer of excellent olive oils and has thus revived the old cultivation traditions in this area. The huge crop of carob beans makes ES FANGAR to one of the main distributors of these legumes fruit. For many centuries ES FANGAR has been the employer for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. Today, ES FANGAR employs people from neighboring communities as well as people from all over the world. ES FANGAR has overcome the step from a centuries-old traditional finca to an economically, organically and sustainably farming place holding a great future.

Olive grove

  • Excuisit types of olives
    Arbequina and Picual

  • Harvest

  • Oil mill
    Own cold molding press

  • Exclusive olive oils

Almond trees

  • Spring awakening
    First flowerage of the year

  • Gourmet products
    Almonds, smoked almonds

  • Body care products
    100% pure almond oil

Carob trees

  • Carob trees
    100 tons/yearly harvest

  • A shady hideaway
    For humans and animals

  • Precious leguminous plant
    Versatile use

  • Tradition
    Oldest tree on Mallorca


  • “Huerto”
    Historical vegetable garden

  • Cultivation
    Vegetables, fruits, herbs

  • Products
    Jams, marmalades,
    fiery spicy sauces,
    Mediterranean celery salt


  • Bees on ES FANGAR
    Hard-working helpers

  • Miracle of the nature
    No ecosystem without bees

  • ES FANGAR protects
    “BEE-O-LOGIC”-protection program

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Terra Preta compost

  • Black earth
    Ancient knowledge of the Indus

  • Precious dung
    Composting in ES FANGAR

  • Valuable resources
    Lop, horse dung,
    remains of wood

Olive groves

Olive cultivation done by handwork

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The olive plantation

Local types of olives, Arbequina and Picual which are typical for Mallorca, are the basis of our exclusive olive oil from ES FANGAR. The excellently assemblage combines the two types into a fruity olive oil, which reveals a unique taste through peppery spices.

The taste of the olives is strongly weather dependent. Only after the first pressing can be decided in which relation the different varieties are mixed and bottled. This exquisite selection on ES FANGAR guarantees top quality and exceptional gourmet enjoyment.

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Almond trees

Flowerage and precious fruit

The almond tree

ES FANGAR‘s characteristic landscape is enhanced by the spectacular almond tree blossom season in spring. The white and rose flowerage spreads all over the finca and announces the beginning of summer. A light fragrance of marzipan lies in the air attracting first insects to leave their state of hibernation. The almond tree comes originally from Southeast Asia and has already been known in Mallorca since the Roman Empire. It is assumed, that the romans brought the tree to the Mediterranean area and started cultivating them here.

The almond – a pipe fruit has a versatile use. It is distinguished between sweet and biter almonds. Almonds are one of the main ingredients especially in traditional pastries, for the production of marzipan and chocolate as well as roasted almonds. Ripe almonds are harvested in ES FANGAR starting from mid-August and last until end of September. Afterwards the fruit shells are broken and the tasty pits removed and sold as dry fruits or refined as delicious smoke almonds. The valuable shells are brought back into the biological cycle of the finca and find use as topsoil supplement in flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Most of the almonds are being used to produce almond oil. ES FANGAR’s specialty is the 100% pure, cold-pressed “Oli d’amettla” which is used for body care. Dermatological and clinical tests prove the ES FANGAR almond oils’ high quality and skin kindness.

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The garden

Protected and enclosed by typical island stone walls, lies hidden the historical vegetable garden of ES FANGAR. The “Huerto” bears witness to a long lasting history of growing vegetables on the finca. Because of the incorporation of the so called “Terra Preta” and compost, a significant soil improvement was achieved and the crops thus naturally optimized.

ES FANGAR is home to a variety of fruit trees from the past, which have been preserved by careful cutting and cultivation, and which today bear aromatic fruits and an enormous diversity of our fruit trees. As a result there are more than 10 different types of apricots. The colour sprawl of the 50 different fig varieties ranges from black-blue to bright green. Pomegranates, avocados and all kinds of berry fruits as well as melons and exotic fruits such as cherry mojas and papayas grow excellently under the microclimate on ES FANGAR. The fruits are dried and processed into delicious jams or natural juices.

The diversity of the “Huertos” in ES FANGAR also includes the cultivation of leguminous plants, fiery chilies and all kinds of vegetables and salads. The busy buzzing of bees and other innumerable insects can be observed especially close to the many herb beds.

A daily magnificent spectacle, revealing the cycle of natural connections in the finca gardens of ES FANGAR.

With nourishment we receive order …
everything that disturbs this order … (genetically modified food and venoms)
also disturbs our life …

With nourishment we receive order …
everything that keeps this order … (sustainable cultivation, love to the nature, awareness)
also protects and enlightens our life …
(Team Es Fangar)

Environmental projects

Three environmental projects, which can globally change the world and locally already have effectively changed ES FANGAR. 

Terroir and soils

Regardful processing

Nutrient of compost and Terra Preta

Wild animals & rare plants

400 ha of nature reservation

Special protection of species

Honey for the bees

Affectionate supervision

Bee protection program BEE-O-LOGIC

One year on ES FANGAR

Late Summer

Sense of Aromas

Deliciously sweet scent and herb-spicy aromas are exuded during the processing of various jams and smoked almonds.

Time to Harvest

Harvest time everywhere! Especially the vintage is an exciting highlight on ES FANGAR every year.


Good bye summer

The focus is now to find a place for hibernation! Eagerly preparations are made for the coming cold season. ES FANGAR is celebrating "Thanksgiving"! Young red and white grape must - what a delicious combination with tasty onion cake!

Fascinating Olive Harvest

The most beautiful harvest of the year – ES FANGAR’s olives. The magical autumn sun accompanies the olive harvest. A fast and careful processing is demanded in order to produce the exquisite ES FANGAR olive oils.

Finca Tour

Discover ES FANGAR and let yourself be fascinated by all the secrets of the oldest and largest biological finca of the Balearic Islands. Discover our Stables, vineyards, olive groves

and so much more!

Wine events

Additionally or in combination to the finca tour you can also book an exclusive wine tasting. The ES FANGAR wine event will take place midst our vineyards in the romantic Casa Hercules.

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